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    By cutting harmful noise levels reaching their ears, NOISE PRO wearers can safely stay longer at work or play in noisy environments. From gigs to garages, factories to festivals, motorsport to manufacturing and  concerts to construction, NOISE PRO combines comfort and protection. Contact us to save money on our specialist products and applications.

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  • Custom Moulded Earplugs

    PC Werth makes PERFECTfit custom moulds for a variety of different applications.

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  • MusicClear

    A set of MusicClear custom moulded earbud sleeves will be dramatically improve any set of earbuds. More comfortable, better music response and safer in use, our MusicClear range will shortly include Pro-Music Monitors (IEMs) too. Contact us to find out how you could save money on custom fit sleeves for your earbuds.

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    MusicClear molded ear phone sleeves
  • Softnight

    If you are a light sleeper or have a noisy partner, super-soft and comfortable Softnight plugs may just save your sanity. Also popular with travellers, Softnight sleep plugs cut out background noise for frequent flyers.

    SoftNight Ear plugs for Sleeping
  • Safeshoot

    Safeshoot are specifically designed to prevent damage from shooting and extreme percussive noises. Perfect for trap shooting, target shooting and rough shooting, they can also be worn underneath mufflers for even greater protection. Browse  the site  to find out more.

    SafeShoot Shooting Ear Defenders & Plugs

    NOISE PRO is our range of custom noise protection for industry, music and leisure. Filtering out harmful noise levels, NOISE PRO can also ensure good levels of communication with greater noise safety. Contact us to find out how you could save money on our specialist products and applications.

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    NoisePro noise protection ear plugs
  • WetBobs

    Protect delicate and sensitive ears from cold water and infection with these great floating swim & surf plugs. Recommended by many GPs and doctors, use the voucher button below for your money saving WetBobs voucher.

    WetBobs Swimming ear plugs

    Broadcasters and communication specialists demand the very best in-ear comfort, discreetness and performance – often at short notice. Rely on CLEAR COMMS broadcast moulds and earmoulds to provide all this and more. Find your local partner here.

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    ClearComms two way communication ear pieces

Safeshoot Shooting Ear DefendersNoisePro noise protection ear defendersWetBobs Ear plugs for swimmingSoftnight Ear Plugs for SleepingClearComms two way communication ear pieces

Welcome to PERFECTfit – the UK’s Finest Custom-Made in-ear Products

PERFECTfit creates the very best custom-made in ear products for industry, music, leisure, communications and sport. We combine the latest technologies, components and materials with over 65 years of ear-expertise, to produce a high performance, quality product built just for you.

  • Best for comfort – We finish every product by hand. Our London laboratory is the UK’s original 3D laser printing facility and is expert at hand-casting too.
  • Best for service – We work only with selected partners and specialists who share our ideals for customer service.
  • Best for delivery and speed – Unlike some suppliers, we make your personal moulds ourselves from scratch in just 4 days (plus delivery time).
  • Best for quality – We only use top quality components from around the world and the finest German materials, all made to order in our London facility.
  • Best for value – Not only are PERFECTfit products created more equal than others – every mould we supply comes with a PERFECTfit guarantee. 

All PERFECTfit products benefit from the same high levels of skill to make your bespoke product – be it for enjoying music, hearing protection, keeping your ears dry or helping you sleep better. And our credentials are impeccable: we are part of PC Werth, the UK’s original hearing and ears specialist, with our own laboratory, laser manufacturing facility, 3D scanning system and craftspeople.

Browse this site to find out more or contact one of our partners for further information.


Tailor Made In London – just for you

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